Landlord Going Through My Mailbox

By Elle

I want to know if it is legal for my landlord to go in my mailbox? Here’s the story: my landlord has lived in the house I am renting for the past 30 years.  This year she decided to rent it out and move to another state.  That, so far, hasn’t panned out as she is still in FL.  In the 2+ months that me and my family have lived in the home we have retrieved more mail for her and her children and their boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. than we do for ourselves from the mailbox.  At first it was understandable but now it is just a pain in the you know what.  I get a number of calls or text messages asking if packages, etc. have arrived for her daughter.  She always claims that they just forgot to change the address even though we have had this discussion in the past several times about the address being changed and she has told me that it was changed so I shouldn’t be receiving any more mail for her children, etc.  They haven’t changed crap and as a matter of fact I got a text message from her this past week asking if a package arrived for her daughter that was showing as delivered! I asked her why it was being delivered to my house and she once again claimed that her daughter just forgot to change the address.  Well, I haven’t received a package but am still receiving a boat load of other mail for all of them.  Then I was told my one of my neighbors that my landlord’s daughter was seen at the mailbox Friday looking though the mail.  Miraculously on Firday not one piece of mail with any of their names on it was pulled from the mailbox then on Saturday, poof, its back. Does my landlord have the right to go in my mailbox now and take mail? How do I know she is not taking mail that belongs to my family? I don’t.  This really concerns me.

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