Landlord invasion of privacy

By Mis Anonymous

I have asked my landlord to please stay out of my backyard when he does not have permission. However, I have two dogs and he says he is going back there to clean up the poop. He tells me he will only stay out of the backyard if I keep it clean. I try to clean back there once a day, sometimes I might go 2-3 days if my family & I are running busy. But I DO keep on top of the poop. His justification for going in my yard is that his employees have complained to him about the smell. However, they have come to me & said they are just there to work & are not complaining. I also have reason to believe that my landlord is running this business without a business license in the shop area behind my house. I have also looked into the back area to see him relieving himself by the fence (NOT facing my house- but none the less I can see what he is doing). He has done this in several locations around the property. He is here on a daily basis – entering the property from a driveway that lies alongside my children’s bedrooms and leads to the shop area. With the exception of this driveway, the rest of the house is fenced off & seperate from the shop area. A couple of weeks ago someone came to my residence at 8:30pm to meet my landlord- to buy or view one of the tractors he has for sale (his business is repairing & selling tractors). When my husband requested if he could please conduct his business deals during his business hours (usually 8am-2pm), and certainly not at night, the landlord became irate – saying that if he wants to come at 11:30 at night he better be able to get into the shop or our trailer (we live in a manufactured home). I am not sure what to do. I am pretty happy living in this house, but I feel like a prisoner sometimes, that will never be granted privacy.

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