Landlord Lied About Noise

By Leland

We signed lease on a downstairs condo after specifically asking landlord if there was noise from foot traffic or noisy people above.  (The neighborhood is very quiet and at least half retired or older professionals.)  She said the upstairs neighbor was a lady with a boyfriend who comes over sometimes.

We quickly learned there IS horrible noise from upstairs foot traffic and the boyfriend doesn’t work and is ALWAYS there.  He is also 285 lb and stomps.  When confronted about this the landlady repeatedly says that she told us she "never had any complaints" from previous renters.  I offered to let her keep my deposit, 1st and possibly 2nd month rent if she let us out of lease.  She says the owners agreed to let us out of the lease IF she finds another renter first.

My wife, infant, and I went ahead and moved into another unit, with separate landlord and owners, after 2 and a half weeks (because I was unable to relax or sleep or anything and was not rested for my new job).  We’re now technically under 2 leases, but the 1st place is empty and being advertised for rent.

I’m unable to pay 2 rents beyond the 2nd month at the 1st place.  If she doesn’t get it re-rented after then, what can I do to basically absolve myself of the 1st place?

Edited on: Monday, October 11th, 2010 7:37 am

One Response to “Landlord Lied About Noise”

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May 23rd, 2012 5:18 pm

I don’t think the landlord is doing it right. She withheld the information regarding the noise traffic and now wants you to pay for something that you’re not using.


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