Landlord not returning deposit

By Ben1212

Me and my girlfriend recently moved out of a house we were renting in Columbus. We were there for 10months and had to leave our lease early. We had a great relationship with our landlord. He was an out of state landlord and was always very accomodating. Due to his absence in state and the fact we had mutually agreed to annul the lease we helped him out by showing the house to prospective renters. We managed to find people who were willing to move in the next day after we moved out… Ideal. However once we moved out he became very hard to contact and seemingly unwilling to send any documentation to the fact that we had annulled the lease. We knew we would give up the deposit due to leaving the lease early but was expecting a check from him for the 12days we had already paid up for the month. I know its state law that you cannot obtain rent from two parties for the same period regardless of a broken lease.

He eventually sent us the documentation for the annulment of the lease, however he changed the move out date to a month after we actually moved out. We edited the document and scanned it in and returned it to him. Now he has become un contactable. Screening calls and not responding to emails. Unsure of what to do now. Should I contact a lawyer. Does it appear I have a case against him or is this just a learning experience. any help appreciated.

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October 8th, 2009 2:18 am

Oh, The documentation he sent us detailing our annulment had a 30 day limit on it for him to return our rent check. It runs out today. So hopefully he will get it to us today or I will be filing a complaint on here against him.


February 20th, 2013 5:48 pm

Sounds like a plan. If you have mutually agreed to annul the lease agreement, was that put into writing? Because if you say that the lease agreement was ended and you both agreed to it, then you should still be expecting your security deposit back.


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