I have never received any landlord notice and phone calls

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I had exceeded my one year lease with my landlord and was paying month to month. When I was going to move, I sent a letter with that month’s rent stating I would be moving.(Letter sent on 9/18.) After vacating the apartment (10/12) I left the keys along with my forwarding address in the kitchen. I called and left a message that I had vacated and where I left the keys and my new address. I have never received an itemized list or any landlord notice and phone calls, although I have left messages with them. Am I entitled to my security deposit back? Or did I not provide proper written notification when I vacated and therefor the landlord has the right to keep my money and not talk to me?

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January 22nd, 2010 1:46 am

Without looking at your lease agreement, it can be hard to answer your question. In general terms you should still be entitled to your deposit or notice of deposit handling to inform you that your deposit is being kept due to improper notification. Failing to provide any notice at all is not good and could be a violation to your renting rights.


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