Landlord overcharging water bill to tentant


Landlord is charging us $7.00/1000 gal + $10"fee" + sewer on water bill, when the city’s rate is only $3.95/1000 gal for water, I called the city and they know he is doing this to all his tenants but say they can’t do anything about it. Does this fall under any law or regulation?

When we moved in he told us that he would read our meter and then "bill" us for water. I figured that he was being billed by the city and then would just figure out what each person owed by their own individual meter. Which he is doing to a point, the difference is, he not only charges us a $10 (for reading our meters so he can get his money back) but then he charges $3.05 more per 1000 gallons of water! We already are paying $700 for rent for a 198something trailer, that has more problems cropping up that we didn’t see when we first rented the place. He still hasn’t come to fix the screen door. Needless to say $700 month more than pays for water and rent on the place.

Does anybody else have a problem with a landlord over charging for (reselling water)? Because wouldn’t that be right? If he is making a profit on the water usage, isn’t that reselling a portion of the water for a profit?

Is this illegal? I already know it isn’t right and is a rip-off but how can he get away with doing this and what keeps him from charging more????


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