Landlord promises

By T. LeFever

My fiance’ and I visited {Removed} Apartments back in March of this year in search of housing for my upcoming job transfer to Virginia Beach.  We were very excited to find the apartment community not only for its convenient proximity to my work but also the seeming quality of the the community.  In March we originally set out to Virginia Beach in search of a home to buy versus renting. We liked {Removed} even though the rent was relatively high and comparable to a mortgage payment.  We believed in what we were told by the community staff, that it was a great place to live, well maintained, and “{Removed} & {Removed} proudly offers the best in rental living” .  As far as we have seen, “the best in rental living” is not the case.  I almost feel that the one bedroom apartment that I rented back in college for $320 a month outmatches our current residence.  Since we signed our lease on the first of April we have had nothing other than headaches. The landlord made several verbal promises to us before renting.  Shouldn’t what the landlord promises be valid and enforceable?
<br> First Day: Informed by Mgmt. that rent would be reduced due to carpeting not being replaced as originally expected because it was in great condition.  Completed walk through checklist with maintenance staff informing him of urine stains from previous tenant pet on carpet (I guess that that is acceptable here) Thanks for the reduced rate, we really find it enjoyable to sit on the floor.  Walk-through, informed maintenance staff of the mismatched paint on the walls due to mediocre patching (not fixed).
<br> First week: Cable and Internet supposed to be installed and working…..didn’t have either working properly until the end of the second week.
First Week: Washer installed incorrectly without drain line causing flooding of foyer and bedroom adjacent to laundry closet……. had to deal with de-humidifier for 1 week…. stains in carpet (informed maint. but not fixed).
<br>Second Week: Called leasing office about a multitude of flying termites found in the unit, thanks for sending a maintenance guy over with a can of Raid!  Most would expect an exterminator (great standards!).
Third Week: “High speed” (haha) internet finally removed, this was per the advice of your own staff, “Get Verizon, ours sucks”, no joke!
Fourth Week: Pipe breaks in unit above once again flooding our unit, raining water from light fixtures, sprinkler heads, and down walls (another couple days of dehumidifiers and wet carpet).  Do I smell mold?  On top of the “floods” our water heater ignited and was throwing flames to the point that my fiance’ was late to work because she was manning the fire extinguisher. Bad timing?  Would have worked out great if the fire happened before the flood.
<br>A couple questions?: Should we invest in renters insurance? (Hopefully <Removed> is not blacklisted with the insurance agencies).  We have had floods, fire, insects….. should we expect famine and frogs falling from the sky amongst others?  Is {Removed}/ Occidental going to stand up to their motto?  or….  Should I contact the Attorney General?  … the RPA? .  OR is {Removed} going to fix these issues?  Best yet…. not one member of the Management staff from {Removed} Apartments has contacted us just to see if anything was corrected, fixed, or even offered an apology.  Evidently management was not aware of anything that has happened in this apartment (according to Andrew).  I give kudos to your Management staff…. way to be on the ball!

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2 Responses to “Landlord promises”

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May 8th, 2008 9:35 am

No offense… but you make it sound as though management has wronged you in some way. I’m a renter too, and trust me I’ve had some problems with my landlord, but come on. Is it really that big of a deal? Take a deep breath and count to 10, everything will be ok!

Peter C.

May 15th, 2008 11:16 am

From a legal stand-point I don’t see an actual rent law that has been violated. The most important requirement for landlords is to ensure that they are providing a safe living environment. Unfortunetly, the time-frame to get cable installed and the fact that some insects are found inside the apartment isnt enough legally to do anything. Mistakes like leaking washers are bound to happen, and unless there is proof that neglect caused toxic mold to harm you, it’s probably not going to help you by throwing that out there. The best thing to do is to put your repair request in writing, if management doesn’t respond send them another notice stating that you will pay for the repairs out of pocket, but will be deducting them from future rent, unless the repair is made within 3 business days. That’s what you can do legally.


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