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By Frustrated with 10 years Lease

I am quite frustrated with my office building landlord.  We have just signed a long lease on a brand ‘new building’ which was built last year.  Shortly after we moved in, we found several roof leaks (when it rains, you can hear it dripping.  We had to place trash bins under several areas in the office to catch the water.  In addition, we had plumbing problems (twice).

Adding to our frustration, they sent us the plumbing bill for more than $900 (for the 2nd incident)!  We have trying to be patient and try to resolve this but they try not to take any responsibilities for the crappy plumbing they have.  Is there place I can file a complaint to? One of the landlord is an arrogant A_ _ and he is some well known politician in another town.  He is such a bully.  We are so tired of getting them to fix their problems and ended up getting the bill!  Please give us some advices as how to deal with these people.

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August 20th, 2008 6:42 am

Anytime you have a landlord problem, you can file a complaint with the RPA. Although there is a minimal filing fee, something like $35, it will get the attention of your landlord. I’m trying to figure out how they think they can charge you for the plumbing?!! Typically repairs done between the walls or to the exterior of the building are the responsibility of the landlord. If the landlord is really and arrogant A$$ I would send a message by filing a complaint with the RPA. Not only will it protect you from landlord retaliation, it will also be investigated and required for the landlord to explain why and how they are charging you for building repairs. What a joke! You shouldn’t have to pay for those things!


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