Landlord repairs that do not happen

By momofive

we have been renting for a little over two years, when we first moved in the house the landlord had renovated the home.  At this time he was aware that the roof and the foundation was needed to be repaired.  Within this time we have cracking tile, cracks on the walls, and cracks between the two wall joints.  Also water marks in the garage and the front entry way.  The landlord has been made aware of the situation just about everytime he comes to pick up the rent.  With the same answer, give him time.  The landlord and my husband had a few argumentive words, my husband stating if something was to happen to our property that he would be liable.  Landlord response is that he would not be liable.  My questions are, would he be liable?  And are these situations problems that can be dangerous?  I do not know what else to do, just does not seem fair that we pay him decent rent, and on time.  Never given him any problems, and yet he is the type of landlord we do not see until rent time.   If there are water marks on the ceilings could there be possibly mold damgage?  What are my rights?  Any advice would be greatly appreciative..

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March 16th, 2010 2:22 am

Hey Momofive:

Your landlord is required to provide a fit premise that is safe and liveable.  Water damage may not be considered a safety concern, but is certainly a big problem for the property.   Untreated water problems can lead to serious problems that can lead to mold growth, cracked foundations, dry rotted wood etc.
If you feel your landlord isn’t being fair, you can always file a landlord complaint with the RPA.  That or beg him to be responsible.  He’s probably avoiding the repair due to the possible high cost associated with it.  Although, he’s rolling the dice– if he lets it go, it will be VERY expensive.


March 16th, 2010 2:39 am

Just for fun I found this video on Youtube… This is an apartment water leak!


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