Landlord slow to fix leaking bathroom ceiling

By Brad

I am having an issue with my landlord, and I am not sure how I should handle it.  On Sunday I found water leaking from the bathroom ceiling into the bathtub.  It is a fairly steady drip (once every 7-8 seconds).  I knew no one would be there on Sunday, so I left a message Monday morning at 6:30 AM.  I called later that morning to make sure they got the message.  They said they did receive the message and someone should be looking into it.  I called later Monday to see how things went.  The person was not sure if it was fixed or not.  Monday when I got home from work I saw that it was still leaking.  I called and said it is still leaking and asked when someone would look into this.  They said it is on the list and someone will get to it.  We now move to Tuesday.  I got back from work and saw that it was still not fixed.  Again, I called and they said someone will get to it.  

  My question is, how should I address this in a way that the landlord will pay attention to it?  It is very hard to shower when you are avoiding drips of dirty water from the ceiling.  I am also concerned about the health risks this may present.  They do not seem to motivated to fix this, and I have had experiences in the past with them where maintenance work gets forgotten.  Also, this is the only bathroom in the apartment, so I cannot use another one temporarily.  Finally, how should I document this so that if further damage does come from it, I will not be held responsible for it?  

Thanks in advance.  

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December 4th, 2012 5:48 pm

Hi Brad,

On repeated messages by you and they are not replying, that is clear they are not interested or taking your views lightly, take the pictures of the leakages and problem of bathroom that would be helpful in future documention. Try to sort out with your apartment landlord, if not listening to you file a complaint with RPA. Because for your matter if you take to court, which ofcourse should be a last resort takes longer time and also waste of money and landlords are healthy with money in this court cases, so best go ahead and file a complaint with RPA and they will contact your landlord with all documents and details you will provide and hope the issue is going to resolve soon. All procedure is online and very simple to use. Filing a complaint RPA link:


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