landlord wont let me out of lease

By Ken@CoventryCourtWest

Hello my name is Ken. I have a problem with my landlord not letting me out of my lease. Some history about the situation: I have an upstairs neighbor who is about 6’6" and 250-300lbs. He has every nail in the floor loose. He works a 2nd shift and gets in around 12:30AM give or take. I work the morning shift and i get up around 4:30AM. My problem is that when he comes home and starts walking around his apartment in and out of the his master bedroom and throughout the apartment the floor creaks under his weight and in the dead of night the noise made by the creaking of the carpeted wood floor is exagerated. I have a 4yr old and a 9mos. old and i need the apartment quiet at night so that my wife and i can hear the baby cry or any bumps or booms made by the 4yr old. The noise made by the creaking and popping of the floor wakes me (its not a constant noise) and my upstairs neighbor may start or stop walking which keeps me awake. So, i went to the leasing office of my apartment complex and BUT,,,,, you have to vacate the apartment in 13 days and also pay us $1,980.00 termination fee(which would equal 3 mos rent). I told the lawyer the write them a letter saying that i would be pay the $1,980.00 if i could stay in the apartment until the 17th of the next month, which would allow me to have moved into another apartment and also clean my old apartment and leave it in move ready condition. The landlord wrote back REVISON IS NOT AN OPTION. So now i believe that it is not about the money but a vendetta against me for complaining.

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