Leaking toilet water from above unit

By anonymous

My Boyfriend and I have been renting a condo for over a year now and 5 months ago we started to get a leak from the bathroom toilet in the above apt.  We told our landlord and they said they can do nothing about because they do not own the above apt.  We also told the condo association and they said they could do nothing because it is not the building plumbing issue but the owner of the unit above us. We sent letters, pictures and video to both the owner of the apt that has the leak, our landlord and the condo association and nothing has been done. The bathroom wreaks of urine and every time the toilet flushes it pours down into our unit. The smell is unbearable and obviously unusable and disgusting to say the least.  What can I do? Also, our lease was up last month but we are paying month to month and we just received a notice they intend to raise the rent $200 next month. We have no intention of paying $200 more for this place but the fact that they haev ignoired us for the past 5 months and now trying to raise the rent I feel we must do something legal to protect our rights!!

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Frustrated Tenant

November 19th, 2012 8:09 am


I am currently dealing with the exact same situation here in australia with the apartments toilet above our bathroom.

They attempted to ‘identify’ the leak by cutting open the ceiling and now leaving the leak WIDE open to pour all over our floor.

I am not sure where a bouts you are from, but some sort of tribunal hearing can take place to force the landlord or person above to fix the issue.

They can generally solve the issue within 2 days.

Otherwise consult your local tenants union. They can point you in the right direction..


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