Lease mold

By Cheryl

I rented an apt in November and started having serious headaches and sinus trouble.  It would clear up when I went out for the day but become a major problem when i stayed in the apt all day long.  My daughter supected mold, I notified the management and the resident manager and maintenance man came and looked over the apt, pulled back some wallpaper, checked the attic and so forth and found no problems.  They sent the maintenance back about a week later to pull the A/C unit.  These apts have individual A/C units like you would find in a hotel room.  He pulled the unit and moldwas growing on the wallpaper behind the unit.  He took a bottle of bleach and sprayed it on the wallpaper and took the unit out and cleaned it with a shopvac and cleaned the filters and replaced the unit.  I am still having problems.  I feel terrible and don’t want to live here – what should I do?

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January 20th, 2009 9:08 am

Mold in your apartment is probably more common than you think. The mold that has been found may not necessarily be toxic black mold. There are thousands of strands of mold and only one that is toxic. The toxic black mold is called “Stachybotrys also known as S. atra.” Most likely you are allergic to a common household mold that is non-toxic.
A simple bleach mix will kill and prevent mold from growing. Use it to clean mold residue.
Mold needs moisture to grow. Typically 55% humity or higher. Using a dehumidifier will greatly reduce the growth of mold. In addition an air purifier will help eliminate airborne mold spores.
That should help you for the time being. However, to get out of your lease you will need legal help. You will want to file a complaint with the RPA, or hire an attorney.


January 30th, 2009 7:26 pm

In dealing with my own mold issue right now, I have contacted several mold renoval companies and they all say that in order to completely remove all the mold and keep it from coming back they would need to remove all moldy materials ie. drywall, studs, ect. and run a hepa filter for at least 24 hours. then they would have to put an anti-microbial solution on the surrounding area’s. then any repairs needed can be finished. I would certainly have some one come look at it though, because if it is black mold, it can become a very serious health risk. Good Luck!


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