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By Johnosn

I am renting a house in New Hampshire The first year I had a signed lease with the landlord the second year she left for florida with out me signing a lease see said the lease I had the previous year would carry over to this year. (I know that is not true state laws says that if there is no signed lease agreement it goes to month to month) This third year starting Jan 1 there is still no signed lease she typed up what she calls an addendum to last years (again last year no signed lease) lease saying that My rent will increase by $50 a month for the first six months and another $50 after another six months she is requiring me to get an electric fence for my dogs. My question is what lease would the addendum extend from? specially if there was no signed lease from the prior year. Also do I have the rights to put in the lease that landlord is not allowed to use my tools or equipment without prior notice and permision from the tenant? (she will take my rototiller, wheel barrow, gardening tools ect and use them without asking first nor pay me for the gass she burns in my equipment and sometimes not even return them back to me I have to go get them yet she charges me for when her husband plows my drive way without asking then tell me I have to pay him because he used gas to plow even though I was suppose to find my own person to plow they never gave me a chance now I have to pay them). Anything will help.

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December 29th, 2009 2:22 am

It is common for a lease to remain in effect after the first year. You should check to see if it has a clause about auto-renewing on the anniversary date of your original agreement, it might. If it does, then unless you cancel your agreement it will remain in effect just like it was the first year. If not, you are correct that it will go into a month to month agreement. Although the original lease terms would still apply.

As for the addendum, yes you can create whatever kind of agreement you want. The RPA supplies a host of free rental legal forms. I will post the link to the correct addendum in new post (after I find it)


December 29th, 2009 2:27 am

Ok- here is a free lease addendum you can use as much as you want:
It was created by the RPA, so I’m sure its solid. On the addendum you can print it out and write in whatever conditions you want, including the one about your landlord not using your equipment without permission.

If you need more than the 3 clauses to your agreement you can always print out more and tile them addendum 1 of 2 (or 1 of 3, etc) You can use as many as you want. There’s also a free lease agreement you can download and get your landlord to sign. It will provide you with some basic protection.

Hope that helps!


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