Management holds me responsible for cost of treatment for bed bugs

By Erika

So I just moved into these apartments in November of 2012 so I haven’t been here too long. About two weeks ago I noticed I was getting bit up so bad that I was crying everyday because I had no clue what was biting me up and I felt freaked out and super itchy it was horrible. So I started doing my research and I came to conclusion I had bed bugs and at that moment I freaked out because I’ve never had this problem before let alone any I know have this problem. So I washed all my bedding vacuumed my mattress to see if that would help so that night my fiancé (who wasn’t getting bit just me) and I slept in our bed again and in the middle of the night I felt something crawling on me and so I jumped up and right where I was laying was about 5bed bugs! I wake up my fiancé and show him and I’m freaking out and crying feeling disgusted so we move to our living room and go to sleep. That morning I wake up and notify the manager of what’s going on and without even giving me the chance to explain cuts me off and says she will send maintenance over to inspect my apartment and tells me they’ve NEVER had this problem before that they are a bed bug free community that I must have brought them from somewhere but in all honesty I don’t go anywhere I only go to visit my grandparents down the street which was my previous home for 18years! So maintenance come and inspect and find a few but what got me is if they’ve never had this problem before as stated by the manager how did they know what they were looking for and the minute they seen one they said Yepp that’s them as if they’ve had experience with the problem already. This was on a Friday so on Monday they came and treated the apartment at a cost of $400. Manager said I am responsible for this that we brought them in from somewhere or visitors brought them to us but the only visitors we have are my nieces and godchildren and I’m pretty sure if they brought them they would have bites too! I asked management if they would split the cost as its only fair since we have no proof it was already here and they have no proof we brought them but they said no they couldn’t do that that the only thing they could do was make payment arrangements for us to pay. I told them how do I know I’m not getting it from other people. Our stairway reeks because of the people next to us and the people under us are cluttered they have half a corner of a wall piled up with clothes and junk(did not tell the manger that) Manger said if they were from neighbors they’d be complaining too. I’ve never had this problem before and I don’t go anywhere but my grandparents house or too local stores! So you tell me how I am fully responsible for the cost?!

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