Medical condition and early termination of lease?

By JFlorida

I have a severe medical condition and need to live near my family for their help. I am currently renting a condo in FL from a private owner that was listed with a realtor. I explained to the owner and realtor about my medical condition and asked if I could find a tenant to take my place that would have good credit and background check. They said no but that I could break the lease with the penalty or my last month pre paid rent and security deposit. I really can’t afford to lose almost 3000 and explained that to them. I know I signed a lease and don’t expect the owner to lose money and why I stated I would get a good tenant that could get approved. Do I have any other options or another negotiation I could ask them about? Thank you for any help or suggestions.

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August 19th, 2013 5:45 pm

From what I know you can break your lease early because of a medical condition. All you need to do is to serve your landlord with a 30 days written notice to vacate the rental unit along with the doctor’s orders that you leave the rental unit for it is causing you your health problems. If you can find a replacement tenant then that would be better. If your landlord still refuse to let you off the lease agreement then you have two options to choose from;
1.) File a lawsuit through your local county
2.) File a complaint with the RPA


August 20th, 2013 1:14 am

Thank you for your reply. The unit though is not what cause my medical condition. I have a severe chronic condition and am having a hard time on my own and need my family who lives out of state to help me. My neurologist would be able to write a doctors note though.


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