month to month agreement

By andrew conn

My lease was expiring and my content was moving out at end of lease. I went to property managemnet and told them the circumstances and asked to continue a month to month agreement for a couple of months at the same rental figure. They agreed until just a few days before the end of lease and are now backing out asking for extra rentqal money for the month to month. With 2 days left in the month, I don’t know how to get this corrected in time. This is really messing me up since I made no plans to move and place my furniture. I cant pay the extra and dont like being booted with no notice. I cant just stop working to move and they have given me 2-4 days notice. Why wouldn’t their verbal agreement be honored? Isn’t there anything that could be done to rectify this problem?

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March 27th, 2008 4:09 pm

It sounds like you might be renting from a larger apartment complex… the communication doesn’t seem to be getting through about your verbal agreement. I would suggest talking directly with the person you made the verbal agreement with. (Stick a tape recorder in your pocket) and ask them why they are backing out of the agreement they made with you. Hopefully you can get them to admit that they made the agreement, then you will have proof on your tape recorder.
Next time get them to put it in writting, I always give my tenants written confirmation of all agreements.


March 27th, 2008 4:58 pm

I can tell you NOT to with-hold your rent from them… I bet there’s some clause in the lease that says something about how they don’t have to honor verbal agreements. You are really in a bad spot. I with-held rent from a landlord only to find that he took me to court and won, now my credit is all messed up. Have you checked with the RPA, I never used it, but it looks like they could help you if you filed a complaint. They might be able to interveen, it’ll cost you $35 though.


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