Moving out, how to keep address private

By Cassie

We are about to move out of a duplex.  We have had a difficult time living under this landlord.  He lives nearby, and we see him at times sitting in his car watching us, or driving by (just to drive back to his house less than a minute later) and looking at us, even once looking in our window from the front yard, which made me feel very uncomfortable.  We have heard reports from his previous tenants and from him that he drives by where they live now (more than one previous tenant family) and watches them on occasion.  He comes over when I am alone and I feel that he is trying to be intimidating.  He is also disrespectful to me (when he converses with me and my husband at the same time, he doesn’t look at me and refers to me by talking with my husband as "your wife", even calling my husband to say "tell your wife to clean up the place, I’m bringing someone by today").  Because of these interactions, I am relieved to finally move away.  However, I do not want him to know where we live.  I do not feel safe knowing that he can and probably will drive by and stop to talk to me while my husband is gone.  This is somewhat difficult because, since we did not pay a deposit as part of our initial rental agreement, our landlord has notified us that if there are more bills to pay (damages, etc.), he will let us know.  Is it within my rights to give him a P.O. box to send these bills to?  I would like to give him a P.O. box and be assured that he cannot get our address.  I researched P.O. boxes, and in the USPS PO box agreement it states, "We do not disclose your information to third parties without your consent, except… to financial entities regarding financial transaction issues".  Does  he classify as a financial entity?  If so, is there some way we can legally prevent him from retrieving this information if he tries (report him somehow so the postal service will know not to give him our info)?


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