Natural Bedbug Treatment Options

By Randy White

I’ve got a friend that has bedbugs in their apartment.  They’re having a hard time getting any sleep.  I know there are a lot of different bedbug treatment options.  However, I would like to see if there are any Natural Bedbug Treatment options.  Both my friend and I hate using harsh chemical as we feel they negatively impact the environment.  

Is there such thing as a natural treatment for bedbugs?  Can anyone help me understand what treatment options are available?
Thank you for your help,
Randy White
Florida Renter

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June 29th, 2010 7:47 am

Yes, there are natural treatment options for bedbug extermination. Actually, the natural treatments are really the only options that will truly rid your friends apartment from bedbugs. Chemical treatments while less expensive, are very hazardous and not effective towards killing bedbugs.

The problem with the chemical treatments (hazardous waste aside) is that the chemicals have little to no effect on the hundreds (if not thousands) of bedbug eggs hidden deep within walls, matress, etc. So, after treating with chemicals the adult population may be wiped out, but then just a couple of days later the new eggs hatch and the breeding cycles start all over again. Thus, chemical bedbug treatments are not good to use for ridding bedbugs.

Two safe and natural options are readily available:

Natural Bed Bug Treatment One;
Heat Treatment: This option is completely safe as it only uses focussed heat (and lots of it) to kill all bedbugs and their eggs. The infested apartment will be heated to 130 degrees for more than an hour. Bedbugs and their eggs can not survive heat above 120 degrees. The treatment can be done the same day and leaves no negative side effects, with exception to melted chap sticks and candles. (you’ll want to remove those before treatment)

Natural Bed Bug Treatment Two;
Cryonite Treatment: Just like the heat treatment,this option is also very effective. Instead of using heat, this treatment uses cold. Most commonly paired with special bedbug smelling dogs. The K9 (dog) will sniff out the locations of the bedbugs and then the exterminator will treat the area. This option will also kill eggs, thus very effective. The disadvantage is that the freeze treatment does not blanket the entire unit, so you will want to make sure your guy is an expert at finding bedbug locations.

Hope this helps you. Thanks for looking out for the environment, :)

July 7th, 2010 5:20 am

The heat is your best choice….first you need a k-9 to located the harborages to determine the level of infestation. Small infestations can be handled rather quickly.

Don’t delay, in 1 week she has laid 5 eggs, which are virtually impossible for the human eye to see, and she will continue to lay about 5 a week for months.

A combo of K-9 detection and heat is your best approach.

Certified Canine Inspectors


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