not given chance to clean up

By Jenny821

ON tuesday july 29, 2008 i called my landlord and aqsked for a few days extension on rent due to family emergenc. she said she did not have a problem but would have to discuss with her husband. He called me the next day and was extremely rude to me and degrading of family members so to avoid a fight i said i would be out by weekend my rent was not due till Friday august 1st.  I had to go t owork that friday night and when my mothjer went by there to finish the cleaning she was told that we were not allowed back in to clean. I have never lefta rental property uncleaned and was planning on cleaning including steam cleaning carpet but ws not allowed to. and was told that tyhey plan opn suing me for the carpet being dirty. What are my rights? I am worrying myself sick over this matter have been depressed and sick for a week now

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August 20th, 2008 6:27 am

Yes, you have been violated… If your landlord refuses to let you back in before you agree, they are guilty of a misdemeanor crime. However, the problem is that nothing can be done about it now. If this happens in the future, you should immediately call the police. The police will make sure you are allowed back into the unit. Although, this is hindsight, if you are sued I would tell the judge your side of the story… but be prepared, he may not believe you, or he may wonder why you didn’t insist on entering to finish cleaning.


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