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I have been renting the same house for 8 years.  Throughout those years, I have had annual problems with the heating system in the beginning of winter but after numerous phone calls to the landlord, they have been patched – not repaired.  At the beginning of this winter, in November, I complained that the compressor for the living room zone was screeching.  By the time the landlord’s cousin (owns a plumbing/heating company) got out to the house, the screeching had stopped and although it was again working, it took 2 days for the house to heat up again (radiant glycol heat). This happened 3 times, always with the “professional” stating there was nothing wrong.  I felt impending doom but couldn’t do anything about it.  Last week I was out of town on business.  When I came back there was no heat.  I called and again the same guy came out and replaced the compressor only to have it burn up and screech within 12 hours.  I called again.  This time he said I have either a frozen or burst water line, that the ratio of water to glycol was probably incorrect, and that the whole system need to be flushed and refilled – he said the same thing last year about flushing and refilling the system but failed to do it.  He said I was in for a cold winter as he couldn’t do it until spring!  I have no heat.  This is the coldest winter in years with temps below zero for days and strong winds.  The temperature in my house is 48-54 unless the sun comes out (rare this winter).  I cannot afford to move but I can’t stay here, I’m freezing.  What am I supposed to do?  Any advice?  I can stay with my Dad (horrible thought, I’m 50) but where am I supposed to put my belongings?  If I leave the house, can I pay only a storage fee since it’s ultimately their negligence (the landlords admitted they should have flushed and refilled the system)?  HELP!!!  Freezing in Erie, PA

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