By Valerie

I live on the third floor with a 5 year old, what is the latest time he can make noise

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By Chris

I have a question regarding renter’s rights. The management company that oversees our apt recently held a luau for the tenants. We received a notice approx one week ahead; the notice stated that music, food and entertainment would be available at the party! Sounds like fun but I have a 2 yr old and a newborn (who on that day happened to be sick from scheduled ‘shots’). My concern is in regards to the volume of the music (which was initiated from the outside pool deck on the property). The music was so loud that in a sense we were forced to ‘attend’ the party. I realize ‘hearing’ the music does not constitute a problem…but this was sooo loud we had no choice but to take our sick child and put him in his stroller and take a train into town so he could sleep. When we called to complain (they very easily could have reduced the music by more than half the volume and still considered it loud for those attending), they said sorry…we told you we were having a party…if it’s too loud…leave! On any level this felt wrong…but as the situation would have it…we had a sick child who needed sleep. I did call the police…the dispatcher had to keep asking me to repeat myself because of the volume of the music (and I was calling from inside my apartment with a closed window. The policeman who showed up only spoke to the the staff and was told they had given notice to the tenants of the party…and he left! I was so frustrated. I personally do not believe that giving notice of a party in any way waives my right to ‘reasonable’ quiet…only that I can attend and enjoy the music and food if I chose. But according to them they weren’t breaking any rules or ordinances. Granted according to the police no-one off property complained but it could be heard blocks away! Can they give notice of a party and reasonably assume they can be as loud as they want? So loud we had to choose to leave. Also…despite the ‘legal’ aspect from the community and my inherant rights…our lease has a section regarding noise…does this apply to them to?

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


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