Noisy neighbors upstairs, oh holy crap!

By grumpy

I have just rented a downstairs apartment in an upscale community, my wife and four year old live with me. I prewarned my wife about noise from the neighbors upstairs as it is customary to encounter noises just from them walking, doors shutting, etcetera.  We have been here since September, basically 3 months. In this time frame we have been disturbed on almost a nightly basis by exceedingly loud noises from the people upstairs. The ruckus started when we found the young man that rents the place had his "godparents" staying with him, the godparents were mentally unstable and drug users…the man was baker acted early on a Saturday morning after destroying the apartment and beating the wife, super disgusting couple. The husband was extradited out of state and the wife left as well. Up to this point I had contacted the management on four seperate occassions due to the extreme noise levels, yelling, doors slamming all hours of the nifght..etcetera. The property management assured me they would put an end to this, come to find out …the young renter is actually one of their maintenance workers!  Since the "Godparents" have moved out we have had the ruckus continuing on a daily basis and have complained to management over and won’t stop!  Just today my wife called to complain that somebody up there was continually slamming a door and playing music very loud, the manager said the tenant (her maintenance guy) was standing right there with her and proclaimed that nobody was in the apartment, he lives alone, and since he was at work there couldn’t be any noise!  The office supervisor arrived at my apartment seconds after my wife called and sure enough we hear a phone ring upstairs hear the people that were not there scurry about saying "sorry, we didn’t know we were being noisy" and they gathered their stuff and exited the apartment…3 of them, 2 adults and a child…but the maintenance guy swore there was nobody there!  The manager basically told my wife she was lying, the supervisor then heard it himself and saw the people leaving!  I am so pissed right now, after months of complaints..countless sleepless nights…repeatedly being ignored by property management that I am ready to hire an attorney and sue the ever living hell out of the management/ owners for the lack of quiet enjoyment……anybody have experience with this?  Do I have a chance here?

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