PLEASE HELP any advice…….

By Annonymous

Me and my husband rented an apartment in July of this year, we have 8 months left on our lease. Our rent is 617.00 a month, If rent is late there is a $50.00 fine and an $85.00 fine, we also pay 55.00 a month for water sewer and trash.  Our rent was 3 days late and we ended up paying $1.085.00 , we paid it because we did not want to be evicted due to us being out of state at the moment.  Since day 1 our neighbors upstairs are so loud i cant hear myself think most times, i have complained to the office 9 times, and once after that, all documented. I have also had to call the police on them, the noise is always from about 8pm to 7 am.  We live in a crime free housing complex, She has overdosed on prescription pills, my neighbor had to drag her out of the apartment unconcious and call 911.  My husband works out of state about 3 weeks out of the month, she has two guys that ive been told by the management arent alllowed to be there, I am 7 months pregnant, so in no way do i want to start any problems because they make me feel extremely unsafe.  I had to leave my apartment at midnight the other night to go stay with my husband out of state (it was a 14 hour drive) because they were being so loud, i ended up being lifeflighted from a canyon because i went into premature labor, when i was put into labor and delivery they said my stress level was through the roof and that it had caused my complications.    I want out of our lease, I cannot bring my baby home there, i cant even be there. I know they do drugs, but i wont use that as a factor since i have no way to prove this.  I just want out of my lease, I dont care how to get out of it, i work in the medical field, so my law knowledge is not very good at all.  Does anyone have any advice???

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