Postal Mail?

By Swells

I’ve lived in my current apartment for almost a year now, and try to pay my rent on time.  Three times now, I’ve had to be a few days late.  It’s not a problem- I let the office know in advance and pay the late fees.  I’ve noticed, though, during the days in between, my mailbox is empty.  I figured it was a coincidence until today.  First of all, I was expecting a NetFlix DVD and they are NEVER late.  Secondly, I noticed that the trash can near the mailbox was filled with weekly ad papers.  Yet my box was completely empty.  So, my question is- can my landlord really keep my mail from me?  I’m probably going to end up getting a post office box as it is, but I just wonder if this is legal?

Edited on: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 8:33 am

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