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By Ant

I damaged a linoleum floor when moving a piece of furniture. The suare foot area of the floor is aprroximately 100 square feet. The landlord said his homeowner’s insurance does not cover this and handed me an estimate of $1,600 for a new floor. My questions are – 1. Shouldn’t this be covered under the homeowner’s policy and if it is, is he required to go through his homeowner’s insurance on this? If it is not covered under insurance – 2. Is this a fair estimate for the replacement of the floor?

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September 30th, 2008 2:34 pm

The key phrase is: “I damaged” the linoleum floor. You already admit that you are the one that caused the damage, so you should be held responsible for it. I’ve never heard of a homeowner’s policy covering something like that. And even if it did, why should the landlord take the hit on his policy for something you damaged?
The amount of $1600 for a 100 square feet seems to be high. If the linoleum ripped from you moving some furniture, I would dare say that the quality to begin with wasn’t very good. So for the landlord to replace the damaged linoleum at your expense, that’s his right. However, he shouldn’t be upgrading the linoleum to a better quality; unless he makes up for the price difference.
Hope that helps! (File a complaint, if you feel your landlord isn’t being fair… There’s a “File Complaint” link at the top of this page.)


October 1st, 2008 5:54 am

I had a similar problem with my landlord. My landlord was charging me to replace the entire carpet, just because there was a small tear in one 10 x 12 room. I tried to work it out, but the landlord insisted I pay the full amount. After extreme frustration I filed a landlord complaint with the Rental Protection Agency, even though I did it primarily to document the complaint on his record, to my surprise the Agent handling the complaint got the landlord to agree to a much more fair term. Instead of $1845 I only had to pay $400. I think that’s what you need to do.


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