Quiet Enjoyment: Landlord refusal to handle infestation

By Stephanie Maheux

To whom it may concern

 My name is Stephanie and I have been a loyal, reliable renter within my unit for 4 years.  4 months ago, our upstairs neighbors has complained to the landlord they were infested with bed bugs; a few days later, our neighbors had contacted me and my family.  Our landlord was contacted about this situation over the next 2 months regarding our situation; yes, I said 2 MONTHS!!!!!  Due to the amount of time that had lapsed from the initial complaint, to the landlord gaining attention, the infestation had multiplied 3 times, (bedbugs reproduce every 21 days). We had to pack our entire apartment up in trash bags, boxes, and keep them in high places.  The landlord contacted the cheapest exterminator he could find, Advanced Extermination; these idiots has informed us to use "LYSOL" kill the bedbugs, now obviously, we knew from this point that this particular company had no clue how to handle the situation. We have done our research and many options were listed, "LYSOL" was not anywhere listed.  So now, its up to the 5 month mark, and during this time we have contacted all housing authorities, NH Department of Health, and th NH Department of Pest Control for a complaint against the extermination company. We have yet to see results, and our landlord has basically threatened us that if we refuse to pay our rent and hold the money in escrot, he will proceed with an eviction.  At this point I am fine with this because I have plenty of documentation regarding this issue, such as complaints to main offices, and paper work, and pictures of the bites that I have recieved just a few days ago ( a month + after initial extermination). I am now at a lost of who to contact such as a lawyer who may be able to assist me in compentsation of furniture ( total loss) as well as being able to get my security deposit back.  Any suggestions will be helpful!




Stephanie Mahuex

Edited on: Saturday, January 18th, 2014 3:19 pm

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