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I am on my second lease with my current apartment community. I was offered a referral bonus of $250 if I recommended a new resident. I did this in September of this year and was told I would receive the check for the referral after the new resident paid the first month rent. That was paid in October by the resident. I called several times to follow up and after being told a series of lies about the paperwork being completed, I was assured it was completed and sent overnight to the corporate office on the 20th of October. I still have not received my referral check and after several calls, no response. I was told just last week that when the corporate office goes to cut the check, they look at the ledger for both residents (referring and referred) and if there is not a zero balance on BOTH, they do not issue the referral check. This was NEVER told to me when I used the referral benefit and they cant tell me how often they check. I feel I am owed this money, two fold and I am held helpless because of conditions being made on the spot. What can I do?

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December 12th, 2009 12:49 pm

So my question is this. Is the $250 rental referral bonus put in writing somewhere? Do you have an acknowledgement from management that your referral qualified? As long as you have some type of documentation, you can force them to pay you your rent bonus.
If you don’t have any real documentation, well it will be a little more difficult.


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