Rent Increase

By Michelle

I just received an email from my landlord about a rent increase starting December 1, 2012 from $1500 to $1700 per month.  I am questioning the legality of it as in my current rental agreement it states that my rent will increase by 5% on December 1 which would make it $1575 per month.  My landlord cited the reasons below for the increase, mentioning nothing about the 5% increase in the current lease:

  • Cost of heating oil
  • He’s been getting calls from housing for Section 8 Tenants which will pay him $1980 per month verus the $1500 per month we pay currently.
  • An investor is involved in doing work to the house and he wants full rent rolls with section 8 tenants
  • A possibility of the house being sold
  • He also stated that he’s heard my fiance and I are getting married and he’s willing to give us a 6 or 7 month lease at the increased rate until end of May or end of June 2012.

For all I know this is legal although I do feel slightly discrimitated against since he is pointing out that we are getting married and that he can get more money from Section 8.

 Thanks for in advance for any advice that may be given.

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Rent Increase


Hello. Two weeks ago I signed a lease for a two bedroom apartment. We made sure to let the woman that was showing us the apartment that there would be three of us living there. Me and one of the other roommates signed the lease on the same day of the showing and had the third roommate drop hers off a few days later. After the third roommate dropped off her paperwork, I received a voicemail stating that the woman checked with her manager and because there would be three of us living in the two bedroom apartment, our rent would go from $800 to $830 due to us needing a garage. My other roommate called the office the next day to see what happened as we had signed the lease for $800 a month and were not told beforehand that the garage would be mandatory (they said it was due to available parking spaces). Now in the voicemail, the woman clearly stated it would be $830 (I have it saved). When my other roommate called, she upped it to $845. Is this legal? Is there anything I can come back at them with to make them stick to the $800 or $830 or any other options for me to take?

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rent increase

By roxy

Is there a cap on a rent increase? I have a lease which is about to expire, currently pay $560, it will go up to $630 for another year lease, $670 for 9 months lease, $710 for 6 month lease or $898 for month to month. This seems to be an outrageous increase and I wanted to know if this is legal… I came from states that 3% yearly increase in standard.

What is it with NC that can get away with this highway robbery? People’s pay don’t increase 10% per year…

Edited on: Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 2:13 pm

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


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