Renting From Family with No Lease?

By Jewels

My ex had purchased a home for us and our family a couple of years ago and had his mother be the co-signer. Around 8 months ago he left no longing wanting to be with us. He said we could keep the house for me and the kids and he would still make the payments. He ended up getting laid off a couple of months ago and wasn’t able to make the payments and needed his mother’s help, about a couple of weeks ago I was told that his mother wants me out by the 15th so she can sell the house because she wants to purchase a home where she resides, which I completely understand. However I have not been served with an eviction notice and now they are telling me that since I didn’t have a lease I am a renter at will and they only have to give me 3 days. I do understand where she is coming from wanting to sell the house because she can’t afford to make two mortgage payments, however I know that even if there wasn’t a written lease that within Washington a verbal lease holds the same with the laws, but since the agreement of him paying and not I how should I not get 30 days and only 3 for failure to pay? I am just trying to figure out what my rights are to this certain sitiuation. Thanks.

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