section 8 house

By Steven S.

I have been getting section 8 since I became disabled in 1999. I have lived at this particular complex for 5 yrs and never been late or not paid rent. After this corp. bought the property in Jan.’08 I have had nothing but problems with them. I received a notice to vacate in June for some money that was abated by sect. 8 for failing to fix leaking windows(previous owner). I challenged this and it went away without any notification to me about the issue. Seeing the practice of this owner, I decided to move. So, in accordance to sect. 8 rules I submitted a 30 day notice to the landlord on June 20. This was to be signed by the landlord and submitted back to sect. 8 by the first of July to begin the process. To date my repeated attempts to get this form back has been futile at best. Now I am not able to move into my new apt. in Aug. and am in danger of losing my deposit on that unit. The lady has already held it for a month for me.My caseworker seems to be getting the same runaround and seems not to be very concerned about it. Is this not interfering with my right to Fair Housing Practices? What can I do now and can I recover my deposit if lost?

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July 28th, 2008 6:18 am

Steven, have you tried to take the paperwork to the manager in person. You may be able to get them to sign it and then you could give it to your case worker.


July 28th, 2008 6:22 am

Are you trying to end your lease early? To me it sounds like you are trying to terminate your lease agreement early, and if that’s the case, I don’t blame the landlord. From my experience Housing Authorities require tenants to enter into a yearly contract. So you are probably asking for permission to terminate your agreement early, in which case your landlord has right not to. When is your lease term up? If you signed and agreement to live there for a specific time-frame, then you are required by section 8 guidelines to remain through the end of the agreement.


July 28th, 2008 6:30 am

Fair Housing– That only applies to discrimination. Since they rented to you in the first place, they haven’t violated Fair Housing Laws. It seems they are wanting you to stay, so how is that violating any type of Fair Housing Law? As was mentioned earlier, if you are trying to end your lease early, why should the landlord agree to let you out of a contract you signed? Although, hind sight, never agree to rent a place until you know what is happening with the current one. If your agreement is month to month, which isn’t how Section 8 works, then yes, you should be able to move. But ending your term early, that’s a different story.


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