Security deposit & move-out inspection

By Octavia

I rented a property from Feb 2013-Aug 2014.  My deposit and 1st mth rent was $1299 when IO moved in.  When I moved out, my move-out inspection was 8/27/14.  It went very well and was told that the only issue was the receipt to show that carpets were professionally cleaned.  I didn’t have a receipt because I cleaned carpets myself and it was/is not in my lease that they had to be professionally cleaned at move out.  the manager, Gerald, from the rental company had me to sign the inspection and add my forwarding address.  About 3 weeks later I received a bill of accounts stating that they were chargin me $750 for painting the home (200), cleaning the home (250), and cleaning the caroet (300).  I called the same day inquirig about the fees when I was told that the only issues would be the receipot of carpet cleaning.  I was directed to the VM of Gerald and I left hin a message to contact me back about the fees and also requested a copy of my move-out inspection to be sent to me.  The lady stated they don’t normally do that, I informed her that I have a right to it and would like to have it for my records.  Received it about 4 days later but never heard back from Gerald.  A week later I received a redunf from security deposit of $374 out of $1299.  They charged me an admin. fee of $175 and the other fees of $750.  I called the office again and no one still called me back.  After waiting for 2 hours, I decided to go to the office.  When I arrived there, I was taken to the lady that I spoke to about copy of inspection, she stated that she mailed that she thought.  Informed I received a copy of my move-in inspectiuons with notes added to it for move-out but I wanted a copy ofthe signed inspection.  She went to manager, Gerald’s office, to come back to say that is all they have on file. I was take to a conference room to wait for Gerald to come speak with me.  When he came in he stated he didn’t understand what the problem is I have a copy of the inspections.  I stated no I wanted a copy of the one that I signed not the genereic one I received.  He said he has a blank for when we did the inspection and transferred the notes formm that to the form that I ahve.  I said no the form wasn’t blank because he had me to sign right under where I signed at move-in and asked me to put my new address in the box title "other notes".  He said he doesn’t recall that and wouldn’t lie about it.  I said I’m sorry byt this is suffice for me and I wanted a copy of the one I signed.  he asked what did I need it fo because the statement I received in the mail is enough.  I said no because yall could, for ewxample say I wasn’t at the inspection, didn’t turn in keys, tore the house up, and this will cover me shold anything come up because I signed and dated it.  He stated well he doesn’t have anything.  I asked then what happened to it.  He stated he probably threw it away.  I asked being profesionals, how could you have someone sign a document and then just throw it away…that didnt make snese to me.  He then got defensive and said I just got in from thre field and have a lot of work to do so I don’t know what to tell you and wne tot walk off.  I informed him then I guess I will be have to contact an attorney and they will be hearing from him then because this don’t make sense.  

To me this sounds like they have charged people before for things that wasn’t there and because they are not use to people asking for a copy of the move-out, they take the money and don’t expect questions.  That IS NOT me!!  That is $925 that they kept of my security deposit for no damages, but for repainting, cleaning the house, which was very clean that I did, and carpet cleaning.  Nothing beyond the normal wear and tear after being in a home for 18 mths.  I want my money back!!!!

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