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I had a lease with my former landlord that ended Sep 30, 2007. Before the lease expired, I spoke with him for a short-term extension. He agreed to extend to either March or April 2008 to give me time to find/purchase my own place and that I could sublease the place if I bought sooner than March/April. He was supposed to give me another lease to sign but he forgot to do so. The lease I had with him (the one that expired) stated that if there was no signed lease when that expires, it would revert to a month-to-month lease. Anyway, I was able to purchase and move to my own place in mid-December 2007. Even though we had no signed contract, I honored our agreement and continued to pay the rent until I found another tenant in mid-January. Since I did not have a signed lease by then, we had the new tenant sign a short-term lease with my landlord and give him a security deposit. The landlord inspected the unit and told me everything was in order and he would return my security deposit within 45 days. It’s been several months now and he still has not returned my security deposit (keeps giving one excuse after another). What can I do/what are my options to get my money back?

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Agent Paxton

June 15th, 2008 8:11 am

It sounds like your landlord is in violation of the laws governing the return of your security deposit. Most states require the landlord to provide you a refund or list of charges to your deposit within 30 days of move-out. However, in California the landlord is required to do this within 3 weeks. Therefore, your landlord was actually in violation of deposit guidlines when he told you he would return the deposit within 45 days. The good news is that this is the most common complaint received by the Rental Protection Agency, and ususally the quickest to resolve. You need to file a landlord complaint with the Rental Protection Agency. A agent like myself will help you get your money back immediately. If the landlord fails to cooperate with an RPA Agent, it will result in possible legal action. You are protected, and you have 100% right to get your full deposit refunded.


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