Problem With Street Fights Between 2 Kids

By anonymousgirl

My son(who’s 8) has had some street fights with other kids at the bus stop and came home the other day complaining that he’d been punched by another kid. my son went down to the bus stop the next morning and came back saying he’d been chased back. My husband then walked down to the bus stop with my son and asked the other kids to leave our son alone. When our son arrived home that afternoon, he said he’d been chased yet again. My husband became over-angry and said something to the effect of they’d better leave our son alone or he was gonna get his older kid (who’s 18 and doesn’t and never has lived with us and has never been to this apartment complex) to beat them up. I had tried to stop my husband from getting into this kids fighting  try to get him to cool off, but he ignored me. 10 minutes or so later, their mom came up to the house and confronted me and my husband at which point he apologized, explained he didn’t know how to handle that type of situation, and I got some further insight as to why my son had been punched; because he had made racist remarks as a result of being mad…he didn’t pick these up from us and we got onto our son.  I heard my neighbor’s child across from us also saying that my son had said something about her dad…and that night we heard arguing and they said they wouldn’t let their daughter go to school. I’m scared about getting into trouble with our landlord and wonder what the best way is to stop these fighting kids and also to overcome the troublesome situation. Thank you.


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October 9th, 2010 2:25 am

I manage a large apartment community, and if I evicted everyone that I overheard say something dumb or inappropriate I would be buried in evictions.

You’ve got to give us landlords a bit more credit. Evictions are usually the last straw and only done when all other remedies are reached. I would doubt that you would be evicted over the comment, however, it could be possible; I guess. It would probably be very difficult to enforce due to no evidence.

I will give you some real common sense advice:

Instead of worrying about this and constantly looking over your shoulder, take the bull by the horns and responsibly resolve the issue with the apartment manager. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, but I would stop by the rental office and personally discuss the issue with the manager and apologize for being dumb. I would also let them know that you have already apologized to the boys mother and that it was just something dumb that was said out of frustration. Then tell your apartment manager that you are sorry they had to overhear “my dumbness” and wanted to apologize for my actions. (then…) Compliment the manager and tell them how much you like the place or how nice they look. (Be sincere! and not too over the top)

Using that approach will put out the fire. When you talk to your landlord, don’t be foolish by saying anything negative about your apartment or request repairs… now, isn’t the time. Take care of the situation by approaching your landlord and apologizing.

P.S. Don’t forget to discipline your son. In today’s world racial slurs are completely inappropriate.


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