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I am subletting a room in a 3 bed, 2 bath apartment starting from May 15 and I verbally agreed through August 31. My room is the master bed with an attached (private) bathroom. Upon subletting I filled out an application but did not sign a lease of any kind. Q1: If I have not signed a lease can I legally leave the apartment at any time?

The current lease is ending in August and so the landlord wanted to remodel the bathroom that is shared between the other two people living in the apartment. When he asked when would a good time to do the remodeling I told him that it would be best if he waited until after we moved out in August or until the end of August. I also offered to move out a week early so he could complete the renovations. The landlord said no, that the floor needed to be completed immediately. I was travelling for work Tuesday-Friday and offered that week, but the renovations didn’t start until after I was back.

I asked him what he expected us to do about the situation because there are three people and the one bathroom is inside of my room. He replied that the toilet will be functioning the entire time and that the renovation will only take three days. Neither the toilet nor the shower are in order and have not been for a week and the handyman project will not be for yet another week. Q2: Should we be compensated at all for this trouble?

I cannot sleep when I want to sleep because my two roommates (who are strangers because I am subletting) need me to go to bed late and wake up 2 hours early for work because they need to shower and use the restroom. I just do not feel like this is fair and I sublet the place only because it had the private bathroom. Q3: Is there anything I can do legally so I do not have to pay the whole rent?

Thank you so much for you thoughts and advice, anything is much appreciated!

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