Tenant revenge!!

By HappyRenter

Revenge of the Renter!

Finally I got my landlord to face the music!   First of all, I’m a good renter.  I pay on-time, I’m friendly, and very particular about cleanliness.  So after moving out of my rental complex I expected to get my full $350 rent deposit back, but low and behold this big management company thought they could get away with keeping it.

$75 General Cleaning
$50 Drip Pans (Oven)
$85 Carpet Cleaning
$200 Painting

TOTAL:  $410  ($350 Deposit)  (I owed $60)

What in the world!  After spending hours and hours of cleaning my apartment, I was furious to find my complex charging me for stupid stuff.  So instead of getting a refund, they were charging me!  Can you believe that crap?!

I immediately contacted my apartment manager to see if a mistake was made.  She told me that no mistake was made and that I needed to pay the $60 right away or it would be sent to collections.  I was mad!!!  Jerks!  So I worte a letter disputing the charges, and of course no response.  I kept calling, but no one would talk to me.

Now I’m a nice guy, but I won’t let some property management company walk all over me.  Although, I was mad about not getting my money, I was more pissed about the whole principal of the thing.  I decided to file a complaint with the RPA.  The investigator assigned to my case was awesome!!!  He immediately contacted the management office, then within a week of filing the complaint I had a refund check for $265.  TAKE THAT BIG MANAGEMENT, :)

So what happened;

The RPA Agent was able to get all of the fees waived except for the “Drip Pan” fee of $50.  But to be honest, I never thought to clean the drip pan, the oven was immaculate, but I didn’t even think about those drip pans.


I got my money, and now management has a negative record on their history report.  They should’ve worked with me in the first place.  By the way; management agreed to waive all fees if I would have the RPA remove the complaint from their record…  That’s right, I ate the $50 Drip Pan fee just so the record would stay on their file.  That’s revenge!  No-one messes with me!

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September 9th, 2008 7:57 am

Good for you! I should’ve done that too. My landlord kept my $800 deposit. But that was a couple of years ago. Next time when I move I will make sure to get my deposit back. I’m not afraid to light a flame under them, if I have to. Us renters need to show these mean landlords that we know our rights. Our deposits aren’t just a bonus for them to keep!

Angry Renter

September 10th, 2008 7:04 am

This is the first time I’ve herd abote the RPA; what hapens after I file complante? Is there a fee for filing I see somthing abote $35 Filing fee what else do I need to pay? Any help is nice.

Angry Renter

September 10th, 2008 7:34 am

thanks amanda- i will wach the vedio. I think i will file complante; my lanldord is not a very good guy. he never fix anything.

Amanda Jackson

September 10th, 2008 6:56 am

I did the same thing… My landlord refused to give me my $1500 deposit back. I was debating whether to file a complaint or not, but I did… and now I’m $1372 richer! Its funny how the landlord went around in circles about some stupid mistake, right, the mistake was renting from that slumlord! Now I’m like a super advocate of filing a complaint, I’ve already got my friend back east to file a complaint against her landlord. She had never heard of the RPA, so it was like letting her in on a big secret. SWEET REVENGE! Good bye to slumlords, at least for me!! :)

Amanda Jackson

September 10th, 2008 7:13 am

For me the process was simple: You file a landlord complaint by clicking on the link at the top of this page titled “File Complaint” then you fill in the form. You may have to click on another button to get to the form page.
The form is simple and asks for basic contact information for you and your landlord. You will also need to explain the problem and how you would like it resolved. After you submit the form you will need to pay for the $35 filing fee by credit/ debit card. After you click on submit it will ask if you want to Rush the case, or if you need a bonded copy. (I got the bonded copy, I think it was $10 extra) Then you get a case number. Once you have the case number you can check the status of your complaint online. It seemed like the agent who worked on my case did a great job informing me of what was going on. From the date I filed a complaint, it took 8 days before I had my deposit money in my hand. BTW, there’s a video you can watch about the process: http://www.rentalprotectionagency.com/html_landlord_complaint_demo.html

John L.

September 12th, 2008 5:47 am

As a landlord, I can say that usually the landlord is the one getting screwed. Even though you had a hidden agenda to get even with management– they had it coming. I’ve gotten thank you letters from tenants saying how much they loved renting from me. The only secret I have is that I’m fair with my tenants. If they want to dispute the charges to the agreement, I’m glad to step in and explain; and in some cases I even make adjustments.


November 28th, 2008 11:53 am

Thank GOD for people who are willin to stand up or thier rights, I have a goiod landlord, but he is a spineles jellyfish and he hired this bayotch to manage the property. She doesn’t knopw what shes doing, has no tact and treats every property she manages as if it’s a ghetto house. I have lived here almost 9 years and shes been here for 6 and og the pain she has been. She has evicted me once, and the landlord over rode it- and now she’s tryimng to serve me again all becuase I refused to let her in my house the day after THANKSGIVING – TO HAVE AN EXTERMINATOR SPRAY! i AM COOKING A FULL TURKEY DINNER TODAY for my son and I and a friend. This is the day I would notrmally not even be home I’d be out black friday shopping, and I am sick to begin with, so I called my LL and told him I can’t take much more- and I feel I have the right to SUE her (and him) for unlawful eviction if she tries! Look for the post I did this morning. I am sick of feeling like I live uinder her microscope and that she is sooo powerful she can tell me how to live or I’m on the street. Her idea of giving me notice that she sop stupidly scheduled this, was to call on weds night and tell my son, and he and I were 2 places from weds night on til late thanksgiving, for the hoklidays and he had no way to reach me til I picked him up at 10 pm! I asked her to reschedul and told her no one is coming and sprayin while I am making a meal! NO ONE! SHE TOLD MY SON TO MAKE ME COVER ALL OUR FOOD! no way! I may just be comntacting a rep there to help me et this all resolved. I know i’s 12 hr notice by law, but there ARE extenuating circumstances, and I feel she knew for quite some time that she was going to be doing this, becuase she said I have 24 units to get done today! I’m sure she knew well before weds at 8:44 at night that they were ploanning this for friday- but how stupid! a hOLIDAY wEEKEND! yOU GO GIRL, i’M HAPPY THEY HELPED YOU!


May 22nd, 2012 9:03 pm

Such happy endings on this side. I started renting a room when I was 18, you know, for college and stuff. The conditions was super poor in that dormitory. They just keep receiving my rent but with no maintenance done or they could have atleast kept the toilets unclogged. I wish I knew that time that this website existed.

Serve Right then Left

May 30th, 2012 12:28 am

Haha…. serve them right for being greedy. @WorstNightmare; You will really have nightmares if you just shut up and suffer.


October 4th, 2012 6:31 am

In BC there is housing authority that you can file complaints and make a legal dispute against landlords, or tenants. I just had my first experience with it and won against a very unreasonable landlord who made many mistakes and even ended up lying bold face in the phone hearing. They are baby boomers and obviously do not know their right to remain silent and they are so egotistical the landlord said in such a condescending manner in the hearing on record “well looks like you know something that I don’t” So anyways. The system in BC Canada is excellent for Tenants but you have to be educated for it to work. I paid $650 damage deposit for a place. No lease. When I moved out my Girlfriend and I cleaned that place so it was nicer than when we moved in we were proud! Yet the wife totally disagreed and tried to hold all the money. Nothing was even damaged and I actually fixed / maintained things without bothering them while I was there just for experience and simply it was more efficient. He did pony up for supplies though. So we got the damage deposit back, the $50 filing fee and automatically when you win hands down you receive double the Damage. It was a great experience. It was all because landlord did not give a proper walk through on viewing and then when we were moving out they were on vacation but we notified them in the proper time frame which they lied about but registered mail speaks volumes. Caught with their pants down.


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