Tips to Get Your Security Deposit Back

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Amazing Tips to Protect Your Security Deposit


A security deposit is a monetary amount usually taken by the landlord or the owner of the house as insurance if you somehow damaged anything or to pay for back rents or fees left after you move out. After the amount has been deducted in the security deposit to pay for repair, etc., the remaining amount of the security deposit must be returned to the tenant.
All of your security deposit will be returned if the you leave the rental unit in as close as the same state when you moved in. Of course normal wear and tear is fine and should not be considered as damage. In this article I’ll provide some tips for you to safeguard your security deposit.


The most important information you need before moving in is to check the laws of the location and the laws of the local state. In addition, you also need to make sure that you document the exact state of the rental unit. Ask the landlord to accompany you and do a checklist of the state of furniture and the wear and tear condition of everything in the room. Furthermore, take note of any damages that are already present within the apartment. Take photos if possible and make sure that the landlord signs the checklist you made and take a step further and attach the document as part of the lease agreement.


Making a survey and a checklist will give you an idea of the condition of the rental unit and not only that, it also gives you a chance to ask the landlord to resolve or repair any damages.


Once you are living in the apartment, make sure that you do not damage anything, if you do inform your landlord and ask if you can repair it or what options are available for you. Remember that any damages you’ve done in the rental apartment is your responsibility. Make sure that you treat the rental property with respect and as if you own the property. Do clean it to avoid pest infestation or molds in the property.


If there’s any damage caused by normal wear and tear make sure that the landlord is inform immediately so he or she can take action and do repairs. If you don’t report the issue, the landlord might think that you caused it. You may get deductions from your security deposit because you didn’t report it.


Of course, having a great relationship with your landlord may save you from deductions due to minor issues. If your landlord is happy with you, he or she might be happy to return all of your security deposit.


When you are planning to move out, make sure that you send a notification at least a month before moving out. This will allow the landlord to prepare and look for a new tenant. Also if the landlord deposited your security deposit in a financial institution, he or she can prepare it early so when you move out, you will receive it early.


Before you move out, make sure that you do another survey using the checklist you’ve made when you moved in. Check for additional damages together with your landlord so you will have an idea of what the landlord may include under the deductions.

When you move out, make sure to clean the rental unit because the landlord may charge you for cleaning services. You must ensure that you return the rental unit as closest to when you moved in. Lastly, when you move out, return the key to the landlord, bring all your belongings and check if you leave a correct forwarding address so the landlord can send the check. Your contact information can also be a great help.




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