tired of the moral police

By Tex

I have lived in a duplex for over 3 years. My landlord is for the most part pretty good as in, reasonable prices, fixes things reasonably well etc. However, it is obvious that he only rents to women. He has himself stated that men “change the dynamics”. When I moved in the tenants in the other side were all female, when the head of the household began dating a man who spent a lot of time there, our landlord began watching the neighborhood, driving by at all hours, jogging by at all hours (nowhere near his home) and told me he was watching to see if the boyfriend was an overnight guest. He also questioned me repeatedly about how much he was over there. I was very vague as I liked the tenant and her boyfriend. Well, now it is my turn, I am over 50 and so is my boyfriend. Due to some unrelated issues he does not have a regular job so spends time at my place during the day, cleaning, cooking etc. I have told my landlord (cause I know how he is) that he doesn’t live there but he is rude to my boyfriend and is now doing the late night drives etc. Am I within my rights letting my boyfriend stay over a few nights per week and letting him help me with housework? I’m about to move so I need advice.

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April 2nd, 2009 6:39 am

Your boyfriend is welcome to visit and hang out at your place during the day as long as he is obeying the house rules. If he becomes a problem and tenants complain about him, your landlord will be legally able to prohibit him from being on the property. However, that is rare for it to go that far. But keep in mind, all your landlord needs to do is say that he is not welcome due to problems etc. and if he shows up again your landlord could actually call the police and have him charged with trespassing. Once again– that is really extreme. I don’t know any landlords that have really done that, but they can.
I would be very concerned about him staying the night. By allowing your boyfriend to stay over night you could be breaching your contract by allowing an unatuthorized or un-approved guest to reside with you. Obviously you can have people stay over night from time to time, but the minute it creates a pattern– you could be in trouble.
If you are serious about the boyfriend– Marry him! If you do that, the landlord cannot disapprove of your husband. (Unless he has some serious criminal offense or awful credit)


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