Unlawful Entry

By Criss

The maintenance men at my apartment complex brought a big fan over to air out my carpet due to some water damage that was caused by water leaking from the upstairs apartment. They came by on Wednesday 5/8/13 and told me that they would return on either Thursday or Friday. They never showed up to get the fan. A month later I decided to leave on a Friday morning to go to the beach, and when I returned the fan was gone. Obviously maintenance had come by and took the fan, but they never informed me that they would be entering my apartment which is required but law unless it was for an emergency repair to my apartment, which there was none. I work from home and normally only leave for short periods of time to run my packages to the post office or pick up supplies for the store. This was the only time I decided to go anywhere for a longer period of time, so they seized the opportunity to enter my apartment with the purpose of my not being there. Should I file a complaint?

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Unlawful entry

By Mary

I have been a renter at a townhome complex for coming up on four years now, and maintenance has taken over the decisions of the manager of the property and it becomes extremely frustrating when her nose is in everything.  I was under the impression that renting a townhome includes community property of all surrounding buildings, i.e., told we cannot walk on her property or the friend that lives next door.  It’s really getting petty.   The maintenance person has had her live in boyfriend entering townhomes to do maintenance when he isn’t employed there.  Is there any recourse for this action?

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