Washer/Dryer not fixed

By Roane


I am in the 2nd year lease in a condo here in florida.  The landlord lives in Atlanta.
In the original ad I responded to – it stated stackable washer/dryer included
I have an email from the landlord that also states stackable washer/dryer included
the lease does not mention washer/dryer, or any appliances for that matter
the only applicable clause in the lease is that "any problem that cost $50.00 or less, is the responsibility of the tenant"
the stackable washer/dryer can not be seperated – its one unit
the dryer has stopped working completley;  the landlord refuses to address this.  I first informed him via email and phone voicemail.
I did get a respsonse from him via text three weeks ago that stated "please contact me for approval before you buy one"
I have no idea what he means by this, as he has not responed to my several requests since.
He has over 2000 dollars of mine in the form of deposit and last month rent.  6 months left on lease.
What are my options?

Edited on: Saturday, November 30th, 2013 4:42 pm

One Response to “Washer/Dryer not fixed”

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February 7th, 2013 4:56 pm

I think when your landlord says “contact me for approval before you buy one”, he intends you to tell him how much the price of the new washer/dryer is. I’m sure it’s not going to be $50 or less. He wants to know how much it is so that he will have an idea on how much he will refund you for. Of course, if he thinks it’s too expensive he will let you know. So maybe there was just some sort of miscommunication? I always think it’s best to actually talk to the landlord so the interaction is more direct and answers are quickly found. In your case, can you call your landlord instead of emailing or texting him?


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