What are my Rights as a Tenant in this Situation

By Latonya


What can I do if I been living at a property for a year and a half without any complications. Then suddenly one day in in this past July I started seeing little Beige bugs walking around in my apartment. I called the property maintenance and they didn’t answer me back until two weeks later when I called and complained of the bugs again. Then in August I got bit up while sleeping in my bed. I called and spoke to the Property Manager who said he will send an inspector to see if there are bedbugs. He said if the inspector feels a need to exterminate, I will have to pay $450 for the extermination. The inspector came and I showed him the bed bug I collected from my bed sheet the night I got bit all over. He said the one I saw means there are or may be many. I tried to negotiate with the management company as to why I have to pay when these could have come from this bldg internally. They said they will check the apartments on the left/right and underneath me. I haven’t heard anything since mid August. They sent an exterminating company in to spray for roaches and ants. However I am still getting bit and very ill from the bites. I am extremely weak and have been bitten even more now and I need to know what kind of protection I really have as a tenant? Do I have any Rights. I haven’t paid September’s rent because I am all bit up and they are talking about eviction. I feel like the property manager should be responsible for this matter?

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September 26th, 2013 1:41 am

Hi Latonya! It sucks dealing with a bed bug infestation most especially if you have a landlord that will not pay for the bed bug treatment and instead blame you for everything. The best thing you could do right now is to file a formal complaint against your landlord. You can either file your complaint with your local county or with the RPA. I heard that the RPA can be of great assistance when it comes to this problem. Goodluck!


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