who is responsible for emptying septic tank

By anonymous

Our family of 7 resides in a large country home.  In our lease, the landlords state they are responsible for pumping out the septic every three months and everything before or after that is our responsibility.  The tank fills up in two months.  According to a sanitation worker who comes out to pump, there is no way the tank could make it to 3 months even if our family’s size was significantly smaller.  Are the landlords responsible to take care of the septic or is it legal for them to be handling it the way they are?  We have paid a percentage of the bill 3x since November.

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Verna spaniol

July 8th, 2011 1:31 am

For the first time the maintaince guy come out with a renter contact, I ask him if the septic will be cleaned or plumped.
He said he was new in the company and will asked and get back to me.Two days later he comes back and said in a contract
Addendum that yes I want to let you know that as a renter it is your responsiblity, And we request that you have your tank inspected once a year and pumped on needed basic’s. Also to send in the receipt when I pay tne rent.
Now when I moved in it had not been inspected in two years Cause I ask the guy that lived if it had been done. He told me No
that they are to take care of it. Now it’s been three years. Is it the land Lord responsiblity or mine.

Verna Spaniol


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