whole apartment complax is infested with cockroaches

By ang

I recently moved into a apartment and soon found out the whole apartment complax has roaches. I have complained to  management multiple times and all they did was send the owners son over and sparyed. It did not work they are so bad I can’t even leave food on the counters. Do I have any rights? What can I do?

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Chad Horne

May 7th, 2014 1:12 am

My apartment in hanford california on brown street. it is infested with roaches.
I believe to be in a total of 11 units and 3 buildings in which the roaches are in all

The other night I was sleeping and one came out of my mouth I have been sick throwing up

It smells strong of oil in the kitchen of my unit

The manager here has never gave me a agreement or any paperwork that I have to sign before yesterday It took her 15 days to get the paper and I moved in last month 15 days early
I gave her 975 to move in she wanted cash and I gave her cash she wrote a recipte but that was all and now wants a contract and 675 a mo for a mo to mo

Her phone was not workin when I called it and she told me to call if I needed her

I have spent 400$ on stuff to kill clean upgrade and spending more as we s


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