am i responsible or is the land lord?

By Matthew

Are ac went out and we asked them to come fix it they put a new air filter in and said it should start working give it a few hours. We did so and told them it still wasnt working theyt had a guy come out and look at it but he worked on the wrong unit so we went back to the office and let them now it still wasnt working and they sent another guy out. This guy went all thought the system and got it working and we where very happy. We live in a all bills paied apartment with a cap of 100 dollers for electricty anything over we have to pay. 1 month after fixing the ac we went over 50 on are electrcity. This month 2 months from them fixing the ac we went over 100 on are electrict. Perior to them working on the ac we only went over 1 time each month it goes up now since they fixed the ac. After recieveing the 100 doller bill we shut everything done like we would not be home. Walked out to are meter and noticed it was just spinning very rapidely so we went to the office and asked them to have it checked so they sent one of there employees to check it and he said that the ac needed ferion in it and that is why are electricy would be high. Are question is are we responsible for this outradious electric bill or are they?

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October 5th, 2010 2:34 pm

this is in oklahoma btw


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