Apartment gang problem

By Amanda

My husband and I signed a 6 month lease  and we are now in our 4th month. The past month or so there has been gang related activity around our complex including shootings, pipe bombings, fights, drugs, etc. There has also been renters that have beed arrested a few that had only lived there less than a week making me question why we had to pay for the landlord to run background checks on us when many of the new tenants have warrants. There is also a homeless man that hangs around and has been threatening peoples lives and was at one point living with one of the tenants and the man said his friend commintted suicide. We have complained many times and called the police. I am 4 months pregnant and many of the people in our complex smoke and do drugs and I am worried about my families health and safety. Before these incidents we had no problems and were under the impression we had found a decent area to live. I would like to get out of my lease without any penalties and possibly get our deposit back. It has become a very scary place to live and I don’t know, being a new renter, what to do about the situation.

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November 11th, 2008 7:51 am

I can imagine your fears of remaining there. You have a couple of options:
1) Talk to your landlord yourself to see if they are willing to let you move (or)
2) File a landlord complaint with the RPA (or)
3) Hire an attorney (or)
Breaking a lease can be a tough thing.


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