Apartment Manager attacks disabled tenant what is my rights as a tenant

By Wills Williams

back in 2005 Jerome started a non-profit organization called Endurance with a mission Foundation (www.myspace.com/endurancewamf).  it was formulated for the purpose of reaching out to poor and needy families.  well, in march of 2007, ewamf was able to collaborate with another non-profit organization called Gifts in kind International, where items are donated from stores such as Pottery Barn, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Office Depot, etc.  these stores are then matched thru GIK with non profit organizations such as EWAMF.  EWAMF also was able to collaborate with Hope for the Heart (located in Hayward, Ca) which is an extension of Operation Blessings, founded by The 700Club.  so Jerome, founder of EWAMF, who is also a disabled (SSI receiving individual), understands these economic times and so the mission began.  well, EWAMF quickly grew and where Jerome was picking up items in a mini-van (which is no longer suitable) is now having to use a 26′ u-haul truck.  well, one day (01/21/09), Jerome pulled the truck in because he had book shelves and desk for our home office.  well, at this point ray’s wife came over and began to look at the grass in front of our apt., she called ray over to look at it. when Jerome saw ray he asked ray "how are we doing with our boxes? have you had any more problems with boxes in the trash are?" Ray quickly said no "but, and you come to my office" and then he walked away.  Jerome said "of course" and followed right behind him to his office.  when Jerome entered the office, ray immediately asked him if he was using the apt. for storage, Jerome said "no, we are not, that’s why we have the donated 26′ u-haul truck, that is our storage" then ray began to tell Jerome about the grass in front of our apt. and said we were "wearing it out from all the traffic you have going in and out of your apt.!!" (first of all we don’t have traffic in and out, this is not a drug house, #2 the grass in front of our apt. is in better condition than that of our neighbor as theirs is no grass and dirt).  from here, things escalated.  when he began to mention about the grass, it was as thought the nit picking was started and so Jerome tells him "why are you always harassing me, can’t you see we are helping families in this complex, these are hard times and we are just trying to help families here and…….."  at that point ray became literally VIOLENTLY ENRAGED  and began screaming and yelling… "you can’t have that truck here, you have it here all the time! GET OUT OF THE OFFICE! I’M NOT GONNA DEAL WITH THIS NO MORE!! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!""
well, Jerome said "no, let me finish talking to you, you called me in here so let me finish" at that point ray rushed from around his desk and walked up to Jerome and with his two hands on Jerome’s upper abdomen, gave Jerome a good push to get out of his office.  this caught Jerome off guard and left him shocked that ray had even put his hands on him. Jerome then looked at him and said "I can’t believe you pushed me!" then after ray had pushed him, when he was walking around Jerome, he elbowed Jerome on his left lower side, again Jerome was shocked and told him "you’re elbowing me too??" at that point the door was open and ray began to yell for my son to come and "get his dad out of his office".  Jerome told him, "I’m gonna call the police because you put your hands on me and tried to hurt me" ray handed him the phone and said "here, you can call them right now, here." so Jerome took the phone and dialed 911.  the police office came our, wrote the report and a ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ was made, a court date was set. the police notified us that ray was instructed to have no communication with us only thru a supervisor (that the police contacted himself), which we have not heard from any ‘supervisor’ as of yet.
please understand that we are not out "to get PAM" or ray. but, this issue with his anger, attitude really needs to be addressed because it has gone on too long and has gone too far.  please know that there are other families that are not happy with ray because of the same ugly attitude, but they are not willing to step forward because some are single mothers and are intimidated as my wife has become also. there was an incident where we had thrown some boxes away and they were not placed in there properly and so he attacked my wife over the boxes and did it in front of our children’s tutor.  at that point my wife did not want to address him nor wanted him to address her for ANYTHING because she had enough of him and hated to deal with him.   i went to ray’s apartment to let im know that he is not to approach my wife for anything, that he is to only speak to me if he needed anything, and ray, knowing that we are Christians says "why not, i thought you and your wife were one. huh? aren’t you one?" i said "yes, we are one, nevertheless i don’t want you speaking to her at all for anything, you only come to me."  also, my wife has severe bi-lateral carpal tunnel and in August/September of 2008 we turned in a doctor’s note stating that she needed our front door knob changed to a lever to make it easier for her, and the change NEVER took place to this date.
we have other ‘stories’ that have taken place that we will email at a later time, but we just waned to give you a brief summary for now of what transpired this last month. at this point we are a bit unsure of what the outcome will be now that we are in touch with you. we are concerned of any retaliatory actions either from ray or from his supervisor towards our family because we have contacted you. 
thank you and have a great day!

please feel free to contact us at anytime at 209-513-4454 (Jerome’s cell)

Edited on: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 9:04 am

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