apartment noise assult


  The noise in my apartment is very is a high pitch ringing. It is worst at evening sometimes it resenates a kind of harmonic

modulation or pulsation. It is not music like or a base from speakers. Yes my neighbers are sometimes loud. Living in a large apartment complex I dont mind the community noises. This noise seems to be harmonic high frequency aproximently
in the range of 8000-11000 herts. The most likely cause is a brake down of the power transformer suppling 240vac. 
  The size of the neutral wiring and the proper grounding is also suspect.  The inconsistentsy in the appairence could be a result of the loading of the power grid, or the effect of harmonic filters at the sub station.
  As it is sometimes worse in the envenings another possible cause is the wireless devices used by most college students.
Proof of this in the form of TV reception degradation. The signal strength can be verifird by the digital recever and the 
visibly poor reception. 
  I am a little reluctant to reflect the possibly that an attack or assult is the cause.  If you Google High Frequency Assult  the result are verried.  Anything from ET ubduction too Goverment poplation control. Interestingly the (EMI) Electro Megnetic Interference seems plazable.
 Thinking that it might be just hearing loss or Tinitus,I asked some of my neighbors they also verified the noise. Saying they have had psyical simtoms ear poping,leg cramps, headake, loss of concentration, musselakes, waking up wide awake and can’t go back to sleep.
 I ubtained a hearing test and can say my ears can detect into the 18000 Mhz range,and no tititus.
 Cell Phones and 27 wireless connections I am sure have an effect on the amount of (MRE) Microwave Radiation Exposure. 
But then how do I verify MRE levels and more importently could it be the cause?
  Still searching.

Edited on: Monday, October 17th, 2011 11:10 pm

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Cynthia Martin

January 25th, 2012 4:43 pm

“The noise in my apartment is very is a high pitch ringing. It is worst at evening sometimes it resenates a kind of harmonic

modulation or pulsation”…

Interesting post. I have wondered about this too. I lived in an apartment located across the street (but in the back section) from asmall power station. I noticed that constant hum, and thought it was electro-magnetic also. It was loud enough to be noticeable, especially in the evening while I was trying to concentrate on homework for college. You aren’t alone! I never got tested. I just prayed every time against the effects of specifically that.


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