Say I owe back rent?

By Adele Piro Graham

Hello, my name is Adele Piro Graham I have been renting in this building for 14 years. Moved there because there was a 24 hour front desk person, security cameras and a consigliore in the lobby during the day. These amenities had been the major reason for my moving the because I felt somewhat secure.After few years they took away the 24 Front desk assistance, the cameras and the lobby consigliore.No adjustments have been made on the amount of rent, in the contrary; there has been an increase in the rent every year. I receive a letter stating that I owe $1,500.00 in back rent from 2006. I have so far complied with the rent increase and always pay on time. To my recollection I have been paying rent accordingly to the lease agreement. I find this to be poor accounting serviceand I don’t think I should pay this amount. I really don’t want to move at this time. I don’t know if I should let them take me to court and what would be my chances of making my point to the Judge.What is your advice and can they evict me if I refuse to pay this amount?Thank you in advance

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February 25th, 2009 3:43 pm

The best defense is a good offense. I think you will be better off if you get some additional documentation to back up your story. The best and easiest way to do that is by filing a landlord complaint with the RPA. It will create a case number and file that can be used as additional proof against your landlords, should they end up taking it to court.
When you file a complaint with the RPA you will have an Investigating Agent that will mediate with your landlord to resolve the problem– in this case, they would most likely get management to drop the back rent charges as it seems unfair and unethical. The Mediation will be documented by the agent and available to you anytime. If the RPA complaint goes no where, you will at the minimum have a new paper trail to back up your story. Here is the link to file a complaint:
Good Luck!


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