Bed bug infested furniture

By Sleepy

I live in a senior building. Some to the tenants are disable. Some of my neighbors had a bed bug infestation and one of the couple was disabled. In the mean time the management informed the that they had to throw the furniture away which they did.

The couple threw away everything. The other neighbor threw her furniture away and replaced some of it. The landloard told her she had to throw her furniture again after they had treated it.

Now both of the neighbors were evicted.

Do they have any recourse, to get there furniture replace etc?

Thank you,

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July 2nd, 2013 6:20 pm

With regards to bed bug treatment the one who is responsible for it is the landlord that is if proven otherwise that the tenants brought the bed bugs in. What is the landlord’s reason why he evicted your two neighbors? Your landlord cannot evict your neighbors with no valid and legal reason like unable to pay rent or tenant breach of contract. If your landlord evicted them for no reason at all then they can file a complaint against your landlord for wrongful eviction. You neighbors can file their complaints with the RPA.


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