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I have been renting a half a double for over 2 years. My landlord sold the place 4 months ago and the new landlord has been collecting rent with no problems until now. He dropped off an 18 page front and back lease 1 weak ago and is pressuring me to sign. there was no prior lease agreement with old landlord. My new landlord wants to raise the rent by 50% because of 2 small dogs I have, which are very well trained and never a problem. Along with numerous other things in the lease that I don’t agree with ive decided to move. My question is how much time do I have legally before I have to get out PS. its hard to find reasonable pet freindly landlords on such short notice.

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June 16th, 2010 12:32 am

Since you don’t have a lease agreement the standard notice should be a full 30 days before the end of the rental period.  Meaning that you should provide a 30 day written notice when rent is paid for the next month.  

Your landlord could allow you to move out earlier, but technically either party (Landlord or tenant) should provide at least a full 30 days.


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